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Portuguese Justice is now more accessible to everyone, with the launch of it's new web platform, released in beta version, a project in constant evolution.

The Ministry of Justice provides citizens with a multi-device web platform, wich objective is to aggregate all online services, institutional information and micro-sites of organisms of its structure, in a simple, quick and convenient way.


The platform is released in a beta version.
What does that mean? That all applications are beeing permanently updated and optimized, and seek to evolve positively every day, with each new interaction.

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The main focus of the homepage are search tools and a quick access to services that are more commonly used by citizens.

The most relevant news, events and statistics on the subject of Justice are also highlighted in this page.

Quick access guides

Quick access guides

Quick access guides provide all the necessary information and direct the user to properly complete the processes for a number of online and offline services.

Online services

Online services

An increasing number of online services and simulators will be available to the user that, each day, will facilitate citizens' to access various services and obtain personalized information quickly and efficiently, reducing timings, resources and bureaucracy.