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Is it going to rain?

The oficial weather app, desgined by Oceanlab, for the Portuguese Weather Institute gives you the answer. Designed for iOS and Android mobile platforms, this app shows you all the informations for current weather and sea conditions in Portugal, as well daily and weekly forecasts, and weather warnings.
Let's go to the beach?

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New portal of public services

Access from a central point,
the services and information of public administration


ACM Portal

Living, studying or working in Portugal?
ACM aims to respond simply and directly to the questions of migrants.


Justice Platform

With it's new web platform, in constant evolution, Portuguese Justice is now closer to you.


Eimigrante website

Mission: To make life easier for those who want to live, invest or work in Portugal.


Oeiras Municipality Portal

The daily reference portal for residents and visitors of Oeiras.



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