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In addition to its vast network of branches across the country, Cosmos now also appears as an online agency, open 24 hours a day. A world to discover. Where you want, when you want.

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The Cosmos intended - by creating a virtual desk - to reposition itself in the competitive market of tourism. The aim is clear: to become a top agency in the world of online agencies and continue to invest in sports tourism, a market segment still underexplored.

It was with this objective in mind that Oceanlab created an interface appealing, modern and capable of having a good performance. The speed of access and simplified booking process were rated as extremely important by those in charge of the Cosmos.

Also important was the modularity and adaptability to other formats and even to other entities, which would share the same platform. From the Cosmos emerged the areas of travel sites to Sporting Clube Portugal, FC Porto and Global News.



"The partnership relationship we have with OceanLab is crucial to our business.
Not only by counting with their technical knowledge, but also their sensibility to the online world, we can define and implement more sustained solutions to meet the needs of our client.
Moreover, with the enthusiasm and commitment that invests in projects, OceanLab coincides with the concept of "partnership" Cosmos apply to a selected group of suppliers, which results in a great involvement with our objectives. '

by Alfredo Castanheira
Project Manager, Cosmos