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Political decisions and the future of the country should be made according to the best interests of citizens. So who better than them to present new ideas to the political universe? Go to and submit proposals that you would like to see implemented in the context of legislative and municipal elections.

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Project is an initiative conceived and implemented entirely by Oceanlab, having no affiliation or partisan connotation. The purpose of this online platform is to foster the spirit of civic participation and civil society intervening for large (and small) national issues.

Policies and decisions made from this are not a universe restricted to politicians. This idea only results in an attitude of irresponsibility of many, that contributes nothing to the quality of the practiced politics. The aim of the project "I participate" is to reverse this logic of alienation from power and active participation, and begin to help make our society a more interventing society.

So in the next elections do more than just put an "x" on the ballot: sign up for and make your proposals. Review and vote other proposals. By doing this, you already have our vote.

Proposals and Members

Proposals and Members