Montra Gulbenkian

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To globally promote all of the work edited and commercialized by the Foundation, Oceanlab created a portal named Montra Gulbenkian (Gulbenkian Showcase), which functions as privileged work instrument for professional agents and for the general public.

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Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation), over the years, has developed an extensive editorial activity, either by subsidizing or by editing works considered of importance to divulge knowledge.

This showcase's objective was to make publications more accessible, and to promote culture in a fast and generalized way. Thanks to the Portal, developed by Oceanlab, it is no longer necessarily to go to the Foundation to discover the latest editorial offers. Everything may be consulted and acquired in a practical and comfortable way.

Oceanlab concentrated in creating a very simple navigation system, which made book search easier. Graphically, Oceanlab chose a sober design that reflected the Foundation's institutional and formal character.