Redes de Nova Geração

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Defined by the government as a strategic option for the country, the next generation networks will represent a revolution in the short term for the inevitable global societies.

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The APDC (Portuguese Association for the Development of Communications), Compete (Operational Programme for Competitiveness Factors) and the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework) created with the collaboration of Oceanlab and Viatecla, an interactive platform for companies to establish synergies and exchange knowledge on the topic of the next generation networks.

The main goal of this project is set to transform the national economy and its actors in prominent players in the global market of new technologies.

One of the most visible factors of new generation networks is the optical fiber and broadband Megas 100, which will have a decisive influence on the evolution of sectors as diverse as medicine, entertainment, public services or education.

The entire structure of the site is based on objective and direct links, which makes navigation very intuitive and simple. In this interface you can browse the directory of registered companies, incentive systems of the NSRF, the list of events associated with next generation networks and general information about the new technology sector. Any company can still make your registration as a way to fast, just the homepage.