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A political party must have, in addition to a vision and a future-oriented political project, a site that accompanies the evolution of the new times and that it is a modern tool of social and partisan intervention. That's where Oceanlab came in.

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The redesign of the Social Democratic Party website was part of a logic of institutional renewal, which was intended to bring more citizens to the party in particular and politics in general.

This immediately implied a change in structure. From a purely informative and descriptive component that characterized the previous site joined him a more participatory and dynamic component, incorporating the latest technology. A qualitative leap, which reflected the desire to communicate in a more direct way.

By using video, this site intended to change the communication between politicians and society. Besides a visually different approach , it presents some interesting peculiarities, like the areas of Statistical Observatory and Watchtower, and also Flickr and Youtube channels (the first to be used by a Portuguese political party). On Flickr channel can be found today party photos, old posters and historic photographs.

PSD renews site: social web finally comes to parties

PSD renews site: social web finally comes to parties

"The site appeared completely renovated last week. And for much better, I must say. In all aspects. Was a quantum leap and all the more surprising that went unnoticed to most."

Expresso, October 23, 2008